Add new blockchain WAX

Hello All,

I want to propose the WAX blockchain be added as a new option. Both Telos and EOS are already added to the system but WAX is the most active out of the EOSIO chains. By adding WAX it would unlock a ton of new dapps and allow true cross-chain among EOSIO chains as many have been trying to do this but need a trusted oracle system. Many current games already have tokens on BSC or intend to add them and the dex Alcor would add many more tokens if there were bridges for them. This would also unblock true Defi on WAX as it currently only has TLM, USDT, and BRWL as real tokens with list prices on exchanges. Alcor has over half a million to 1 million in trades a week and that would only increase with more pegged tokens.


Hello @izay21 ,
thanks for your proposal, it sounds promising!
How and how much do you think it can benefit pNetwork’s nodes?

Also, if you think adding WAX blockchain is of interest to the pNetwork community, if you want you can post your proposal in the pNetwork DAO.