Dao nodes rewards

I propose that to make node operators more efficient, rewards are paid on a layer 2 su h as BSC and node operators should not claim rewards but these should be automatically paid.


That’s a very good point, looking forward to hearing what the rest of the community thinks about it!

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Totally agree on moving the entire DAO/Eidoo services on a L2, possibly the SAME, to push the ecosystem. I mean DAO voting, DAO rewards, pNetwork nodes fees, future pNetwork DAO fees, Eidoo Card, etc.
The Team should concentrate on the choice of the target L2 solution and define a roadmap to get there.
If not possible to move everything… bridges might be in place to make the ecosystem working anyway.

Sorry but on this I cannot just look at nodes rewards, it’s limitating.

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Moving DAO rewards to an L2/sidechain is something I am very interested in and have been discussing with the pNetwork team. Although, I think there are much better options than BSC. Preferably I think a side-chain like xDai or Polygon would be a better choice, since L2s are very limited in cross chain liquidity. Both have pros/cons - Polygon tends to be too congested at times but very popular and xDai is not as popular but has stable tx fees and consistent processing times. There is also a bridge that exists already which connects xDai to Polygon that can be useful for liquidity (maybe a bridge opportunity for pNetwork lies here as well). I would also like to see more pTokens liquidity built on xDai, so this could be a perfect opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone - affordable node rewards processing and increasing pTokens liquidity on xDai.

Swapr has self serving farms, so pNetwork could easily spin some up on xDai and add PNT incentives for liquidity provisioning. I have connections both in Swapr (DXDAO) and in 1Hive and can surely get some pToken cross-promo incentives worked out.

@gmork also brings up good points that I have also been discussing with pNetwork Team. I am currently trying to build a relationship between pNetwork and DAOhaus (where I am a core contributor). pNetwork could deploy a DAO on an L2/side-chain for managing all DAO/governance related tasks (DAOhaus has DAO creation tools for mainnet, xDai, Polygon, and arbitrum). Even if we don’t move all of pNetwork DAO infrastructure over to DAOhaus, maybe we can move parts of the governance activity.

I would love to get at least the node rewards in motion ASAP, mainnet fees are definitely eating at node rewards. I don’t think auto-distro is needed though - claiming rewards will be very cheap on xDai.

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Hi everyone. I am from the dao space, investor in Peerion and pNetwork. I have some thoughts on the issue.

The medium-term future is evolving at 1hive. The rough plan as i understand is to move the honey token to mainnet as an erc-20. Then the hive will generally expand / migrate to Arbitrum. Because of this, xDai should be removed from the list. Polygon or Arbitrum get my vote. Gitcoin is another organisation NOW decentralizing into a dao also on Mainnet but they also conduct grant business on Polygon. Arbitrum is a bit of a wild card bein so early.

Thank you all for sharing your suggestions. Increasing efficiency for rewards distribution and for the DAO is a topic we have discussed internally as well with the core team, so it’s really useful to understand what the community thinks about it.