Idea on how to further develop the project

Hey guys, I’m a young programming student who’s also interested in crypto. I do not have much of an investment in pNetwork, only the worth of around 1500-2000$, but it still means a lot to me, so I care about the development of the project. I have an opinion or a proposal in a sense:
I think betting on EOS won’t do us any good. We need to actively develop BSC and Polygon/Matic. Binance has problems with the fiat deposit and withdrawal. I think we could use this to our advantage and if you could build marketing with Binance correctly, then PNT could fly to the moon. I think you’re wasting time on EOS and it’s time for a change, because currently it seems like there’s not much going on with the project.

Hi mlatsa, I agree too on the fact that new investements should be addressed where DeFi is locking more value, BSC and Polygon are the two most relevant examples. In terms of past investements - anyway - EOS was 1 of the first bridges developed (due to the partnership with eosfinex) - which still remain a distinctive one for pnetwork. So while it might seem that the last DAO vote is deviating resources from other platform, I believe it’s trying to bring out more value and TVL from an already existing and working bridge. Just promotion and close to zero development.

Hi, I understand and agree. There seems to be 0 development of this project, do we have any ideas or plans? This project seems dead for some reason.

I can assure you the project is not dead and there are many things going on behind the scenes :wink:

You misunderstood me: I was meaning that development for EOS was done in the past (no need for additional investements) while increasing adoption would leverage such past investments - which means cost coverage and potential profits. So the move makes perfectly sense to me.