What's up with DAO activity?

Hey @Carbonaut ! Just noticed it’s pretty quiet around here (and on other spots too), so wanted to chat about a couple of things:

  1. So, I was poking around Deepdao and saw we’re only getting like 5 votes per proposal, which is kinda crazy low, right? Got any plans to kick that up a notch? Honestly, I didn’t even know there was something to vote on until just now. Gonna make sure I vote, but it’d be awesome to get more folks involved. People probably aren’t voting because they don’t even know there’s stuff happening. Didn’t we talk about giving some perks to the peeps who vote a lot? What’s happening with that?
  2. Also, feels like there’s not much going on with the pNetwork gang, and it’s kinda foggy what the team or the association is up to. There’s a roadmap thing on the pNetwork Association website, but nothing new since December started, and their Twitter is like a ghost town. Is there a special spot where the association drops updates more often? I thought the whole point was to beef up the community, but I’m not seeing any action on that front. Or if there is, it’s flying under my radar, which isn’t cool either. Might be cool to have more regular updates on what’s going on with the project and the association, maybe in a chatty place like this forum or on a Farcaster channel. Base seems to be nailing it with their channel. But honestly, even a blog post or a tweet would be a step up from where we’re at now.

Hey @yogalabsintern, thanks for bringing up these important matters!
I’ll try to shed some light on your concerns.

  1. Yes, there is a lack of participation within the pNetwork DAO, and this is not good for pNetwork, which aims to be community-driven. The fact that DAO apathy is a general problem in the industry shouldn’t be an excuse to underestimate the problem.
    We truly believe that the launch of DAO v3 on the Gnosis chain will lower the cost barrier (voting on Gnosis costs a fraction compared to voting on Ethereum), while the DAO incentives for active members (27% APY) will incentivise DAO members to express their preference on governance matters.
    The plan is to launch DAO v3 by early March.
    In addition, the pNetwork Community Association has some important DAO proposals in the pipeline that we are holding until the DAO (v3) gets wider participation. We want to give maximum exposure to important issues, similar to what we did with the Sustainability Plan a few months ago.

  2. I agree with you about the lack of frequent communication and low social media presence. I take responsibility for both. I’m working on an update for the Association website (expect it tomorrow) and I’m also looking for some help to better cover the communications side, on both quality and quantity.
    Rest assured that the team is working hard on the Q1 activities planned in the Roadmap, as well as on other fronts (some of them anticipated in the Sustainability Plan, such as better liquidity, treasury diversification, etc.) that often fly under the radar.

Do you think that a monthly report and/or a nightly community call could both benefit DAO members’ involvement and show the progress of the work with the community?

If you would like to keep abreast of ongoing developments and contribute to the discussion from the inside, I invite you to join the pNetwork Community Association. Otherwise, as always, this forum is the place to share suggestions, ideas or concerns.

Cheers, @Carbonaut, for getting back to me! Got a few more thoughts based on what you said:

  1. Totally get that DAO apathy is a biggie across the board. Seen a bunch of DAOs handing over voting power to the more clued-up and active members. Doesn’t up the voter count but does mean more tokens are being thrown into the ring, and you end up with a group really tuned into what pNetwork and its DAO are up to. Big names like Uniswap are even hosting exclusive shin-digs for these delegates, sparking real talks on making the protocol and community vibe stronger. It’s a smart move that could even stir up a bit of FOMO among the sidelines crew and maybe even lure in some heavyweight delegates from other DAOs. You guys seem to be on a similar track with the association, but it’s a bit murky on what it’s all about and who’s in the mix. Are you leading the charge there? Got any public events on the go? Anyways, surely delegates are working well for big DAOs, but I’ve seen it being used by smaller DAOs like Push Protocol. So, maybe something to consider for pNetwork as well?

  2. And why Gnosis Chain for the DAO v3 launch, out of curiosity? Big fan of Gnosis myself – the fees are a winner compared to Ethereum, plus it’s been on the up lately, even if it’s not the biggest kid on the block. Thinking of shifting the Treasury over there too? And if so, fancy dipping into some DeFi action on Gnosis Chain, like with Aave or something? Did you guys hit up Gnosis or their DAO for a grant or a bit of joint promo action? I’m not aware of any other DAOs being deployed there, so this could be an interesting use-case for them.

  3. On making DAO voting a breeze for folks, got any tricks up your sleeve? Not sure if Gnosis Chain plays nice with this, but what about letting people vote through a Farcaster Frame? Would make jumping into the DAO way easier for users and might even pull in some new faces since Farcaster’s got its own crowd and Frames tend to pull more attention. Seen a bunch of grants flying around for cool Frame ideas, and DAO voting through one sounds like it could snag some extra funds and spotlight.

  4. Appreciate the update on the comms strategy. Thinking community calls might not be the way to go right now with engagement on the low side – sounds like more hassle for you without much upside. But a monthly round-up? That I’d like to see. Nothing flashy, just a heads-up on what’s been happening in the pNetwork world would be top-notch from my end.

Hope this sparks some ideas!

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Hey there! Really appreciate your deep dive into these topics. Let’s unpack your points with some updates and thoughts:

  1. The DAO has a lending mechanism that works like a sort of delegation system.
    It allows non-technical users to lend their PNT tokens to those techies willing to run a node, allowing the borrower to run a pNetwork node without direct exposure to PNT. However, the governance power remains with the PNT owners (the lenders).
    I think this is an interesting model to make the DAO more accessible, potentially paving the way for proper delegation processes.
    I’ll definitely take a closer look at Push Protocol to better understand their model. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Gnosis Chain has been chosen for its compatibility with Ethereum, speed, efficiency and lower transaction costs, making it a solid platform for our DAO v3 launch. We’re also keen to gain visibility within the Gnosis ecosystem and hope to secure grants and partnerships to support development in this direction.

  3. Regarding the use of a Farcaster Frame for DAO voting, I have to admit that I’m not too familiar with it.
    But your suggestion is a great insight, and I’ll look into how we can use it to simplify voting and attract more participants.
    I’ll ask my colleagues to look into the feasibility of integrating it.
    I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

  4. I agree! So we’re working on a monthly report with two editions: one detailed for pNetwork Association members and one for the wider community.
    After the DAO launch, I’d like to host an AMA to answer questions and clear up any doubts from the community! Hope to see you there!

Thank you again for your feedback and precious insights! :handshake: