Issue a pWax token on EOS

I am connected with the EOS community and I have seen a lot of demand to get to WAX. I think having a pWAX issued on the EOS chain, it would get that market of people that is used to the EOS network and want to invest into Wax because of the explosion of games and NFTs that this other chain has harvested.

Please consider this token over that network.

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hi @JZA , thank you for your proposal! :raised_hands:
It is not the first time that the opportunity to add WAX to pNetwork has been discussed here, meaning that it’s a shared desire among the community members.
We’re aware of it and I think it is interesting, but, before such a decision, we have to evaluate the use cases and their profitability for pNetwork nodes.
I assure you that monitoring the market and the most promising integrations are something we do constantly; we are also open to work closely with projects within the WAX ecosystem, if there’s a mutual benefit.
For various reasons, so far we have preferred to focus on the markets already supported by pNetwork and on the development of other features that we believe will strengthen pNetwork.

On a side note, I would like to remind that any user can open a proposal in the DAO of pNetwork to officially request the addition of a feature or the integration of a blockchain, such as WAX. If approved by the DAO, pNetwork team will add it to the pipeline.


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To what degree is this a cost for a network that has 99% compliance with the EOS blockchain versus de benefit of having an ecosystem of games, defi and nft ecosystem. It’s really a ‘low hanging fruit’ scenario.

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hi @JZA , even if the technical integration of the WAX network might be simpler thanks to its similarity with EOS, it is not trivial and effortless to be established in a new ecosystem: ptokens should be welcome by its projects and community in order to attract liquidity, liquidity that is also necessary for bootstrapping many activities (e.g. liquidity pools).

At the moment, we prefer to focus on strengthening our position and aim for decentralization with pNetwork v3, rather than expand the ecosystem with new blockchain integrations.
Soon we’ll disclose the new roadmap with further details :eyes:

However, I kindly remind you that you or anyone can open a DAO proposal to officially request the integration of the WAX network and if the DAO vote in favour, the integration will be added in the pipeline! :handshake:

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