Test topic for NFT Pre-sale application

This is NOT the official application form. This is a test topic for whoever wants to apply for the NFT Pre-sale to make sure that they are able to reply to topics on the pNetwork forum and that they do not need any approvals from Discourse (this forum is powered by Discourse).

If you plan on submitting an application for the NFT Pre-sale and have not used the pNetwork forum before, I encourage you to test here beforehand so that there are no issues when actually submitting your application.


yo whats up guys this is a test

testing the forum for usage later

test test It is just a test

ready I am !!!

testing forum messages

:sunglasses: this is a test for things :sunglasses:

Let’s see some money

Let’s get this party started

Sup! This will be a good year

Test for pre-sale :wink:
Wish luck to all applicants and PNetwork users :innocent:

getting prepared for big things.

Another one bites the dust :tada:

let’s see if this thing works

Test Test Test on the thread

pbtc hack compensation plan test post

Looking forward to my first nft :wink:

Let’s get some money… Test test test…

Test test test test tessssst nft presale

Testing for the forum usage later on