NFT Pre-sale application: submit here your applications to join the NFT Pre-sale

NFT Pre-sale application: submit here your applications to join the NFT Pre-sale

This is the forum topic where to submit your applications for joining the NFT Pre-sale. More details on the NFT Pre-sale at Implementation of DAO voting proposal #13: pBTC-on-BSC compensation plan

Applications will be open for 24 hours and the allocation (up to 3,000 NFTs) is available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that all the anti-sniping rules outlined in the compensation plan apply (priority is given to addresses included in the Step0 snapshot, up to the pBTC amount they were holding back then).

When applying please specify:

  • your BSC address (holding your pBTC-on-BSC that you will use to pay for the NFTs)
  • the (maximum) amount of pBTC-on-BSC you want to join with (must be a multiple of 0.01 pBTC-on-BSC), along with the currency symbol “pBTC

Application example: “0x7424718f1e6f86a52b477822b155296df764483c 0.05 pBTC”

Note that there is a cap of 4.34 pBTC-on-BSC per address and that the pBTC amount needs to be a multiple of 0.01 pBTC.

Any application that doesn’t follow the format outlined above by the end of the 24h application window will be considered invalid.

0xb7a5e607c135c541368414026a95253B75DB430f 0.56 pBTC

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0x2E4e1d1586288eBdbb9FC9FB5d87c51Da573c6d8 4.34 pBTC

0x1E297D40a1f3b1F76C5C99F6C4B4F4E6De1f7075 2.86 pBTC

0x7cADA4c14d8Bc99B648409D0f9d1d87eA79a4D29 - 0.4 pBTC

0xE3EC898C04EBf1b95b82de6340fD208771679812 1.00 pBTC

0xf2037dC207AAB54144c66b3Fe53dE2F6E99240F0 - 0.1 pBTC

0x03EB4341ED822a037298710B3001438D9b66570a - 0.2 pBTC

0x8971339ec48877b0372aB9B46E63A424D5c1182C 4.34 pBTC
0x38507b9862DC6803857D04C6B9f8F3496C193903 4.34 pBTC


0x2880a6bb2cD1DF6E03dC8BbFBEd009DE586c2603 - 0.42 pBTC-on-BSC.

0x275Ea8FF7B694C27d95788B0ebEF3D7A06039916 1.32pBTC

0x3bfa6f50a67e775a5ff206ac7f2d5ebebb340d7f – 0,05 pBTC

0xCD662df92C282891c92a2a76396c52CC214Ce449 - 0.04 pBTC

0x3dAC176054460E9d78912873f33b96F1a818a465 0.25 pBTC

0xec7C185054F422333884E23521DefC5731Fb4cCD 4.34 pBTC

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0x7116c3FD66b20e35d177a2F56507f2D4cBdfA4ba 4.34btc

0x9DCf2C97D88Bb1e69fF6aDCAC15F2A2Acc7C9070 - 0.35 pBTC

0xa9eAEF87c01B4C46a691862c7Ba94401394B8B9c 0.09 pBTC

0x8ca867eD1778939Faf556812c5e80F36B9693901 0.66 pBTC

0x660a673a81Ef0e9905604787FCEF2936BC4AbEaA - 0.04pBTC