Speed up fees on congestion

Recently, the nodes on the BSC side have been pretty congested, with up to 5 hours of lag between the blocks and the pnetwork nodes+blocktime on BTC. On a volatile token like BTC, this can be devastating, especially if you ape around on leverage like a degen (talking about myself). Frist, the front end shows a 5 min typical transaction time, when it should show 5 hours. Second, future congestion WILL happen very soon on all ETH/EVM based chains. Pnetwork should consider creating some fast (and of course, expensive as in extra money to be earned) alternative, like a cross chain express delivery premium service. pNplus or something. I am sure as … that there is demand for such, especially when time is money.

Thank you for sharing your suggestion, it’s definitely something interesting to consider. While on average processing cross-chain transactions is fast, it is true that at times when the networks are congested more time is required. We can consider adding an express delivery feature, anyone else from the community who would be interested in using it?