Proposal: Should we allow any DAO member holding at least 200,000 PNT to open new DAO proposals?

Proposal: Should we allow any DAO member holding at least 200,000 PNT to open new DAO proposals?

Summary: This is a proposal to extend the range of DAO members that can open proposals in the pNetwork DAO. It brings forward the possibility for PNT token holders with 200,000 PNT or more at stake in the DAO to open proposals in the DAO for other members to vote on.

Motivation: During the initial stages of the project the core team was the only party allowed to open DAO proposals - that was to avoid abuses during the early stages of the DAO. Today, granting other DAO members with a relevant stake in the project the ability to open DAO proposals is a step forward in the progressive decentralization of the project. Whilst being on the table for some time, the recent pNetwork hack accelerated the need for such capacity to ensure the community can directly participate in defining the steps forward.

There is a long-term value in having key DAO members contribute to the project - while community feedback is especially important at this moment, the ability to open DAO proposals should be seen as an advancement for the project that lets the community proactively suggest new ideas when the protocol is thriving.


If approved, this proposal would require DAO members to have a minimum amount of 200,000 PNT tokens to open a DAO proposal.

The process for opening a proposal would look like the following:

Step 1 - The proposal is published on the pNetwork forum and discussed by the community to gather initial feedback

Step 2 - The proposal is formalised in an HTML document that gets pushed to IPFS, ideally following the usual summary-motivation-specification format

Step 3 - The {title + IPFS link} get published in the pNetwork DAO for everyone to vote on

No, the hack is the team’s responsibility, not the DAO’s. The team should take responsibility to make things right.
DAO should make decision on something like whether to list or delist some coin, to give incentives to CRV pools or not, etc.
DAO should not decide on how to compensate the people affected by the hack because there is interest conflict between DAO members and the people affected by the hack.

This decision is unrelated to the hack. (for us)

Heck yes, the more power to the Dow the better.

The team is taking responsibility for the hack as it has been mentioned publicly multiple times that a compensation plan proposal is being worked on. The proposal to give other parties the possibility to open proposals was already planned as part of the project’s progressive decentralisation - the reason why it was opened now is to give the community the possibility to come up with alternative proposals to the team’s proposal for a compensation plan, so to give more options, flexibility and power to the community. Just to iterate on it, such a governance update will remain in full force from now on and it is not a one-time event.