Proposal: Should the DAO stop rewarding DAO stakers who don't actively participate in governance?

Proposal: Should the DAO stop rewarding DAO stakers who don’t actively participate in governance?

Summary: This proposal aims to incentivize active and engaged participation in pNetwork. The proposal brings forward the interruption of rewards for DAO stakers who don’t participate in governance decisions by skipping votes within DAO voting proposals.
Should the proposal be approved, DAO rewards would start being distributed to DAO stakers who participate in all DAO voting proposals only.

Abstract: This is a proposal to redefine pNetwork’s incentives with a model that is relevant for the project’s path forward. Specifically, the proposal brings forward a revised incentives programme that aims to create a benefit for active and engaged members of the pNetwork community by stopping rewards for DAO stakers who don’t participate in DAO governance voting proposals.

Motivation: During the past 10 months since the DAO launch, pNetwork achieved organic growth for its solution and a large number of PNT holders participating in the DAO. The goal of this proposal is to declutter the project’s incentives and move ahead. The aim is to create a benefit for existing active members of the pNetwork community as well as encourage the growth of an engaged community.

Specification: The PNT token represents a key element of the system as it aligns incentives for all participants. In fact, PNT is leveraged internally by the pNetwork system to enable operations for both DAO members and pNetwork nodes as well as externally as a tool to expand its users-base and grow pNetwork’s liquidity.
The proposal is aimed for promoting active participation and engagement towards the project. While maintaining PNT as a key element, it brings forward a new formula to determine DAO members eligible for rewards that sees rewards distributed exclusively to active DAO voters who participate in all voting proposals. DAO stakers who skip votes would stop being rewarded for the given epoch, starting from the next epoch. The rationale being a rebalancing of incentives that goes in the direction of promoting a strong and an engaged pNetwork community.

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