Proposal: Should the staking requirement to operate a pNetwork node be lowered to 100,000 PNT?

Summary : This proposal would increase the number of prospective node operators via a change in the staking requirement to operate a pNetwork node. Specifically, node operators would need to stake 100,000 PNT tokens for each pNetwork node they run.
Having the minimum staking requirement set at 100,000 PNT tokens would enable a larger decentralisation of the network by lowering the entry barrier for prospective node operators without limiting the number of node instances an operator can run
When operating a pNetwork node, node operators would still be eligible for DAO voting rewards (currently set at 42% APY, then 21% from august, 21 upwards, rewards distributed at the end of every epoch).
Introducing a 100,000 PNT tokens staking requirement for operating a pNetwork node would prevent abuses within the network, currently unbalanced with regards of black cards holders with large staking power of 200,000 PNT.
While safeguarding the integrity and security of the system, the 100,000 PNT threshold makes the operation possible for a larger audience and encourages a stronger decentralisation of the system.
Note that, if approved, the proposal would not exclude the possibility of future changes in the staking structure.

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In my opinion, this proposal come still too early considering that there was already a vote to lower at 50000PNT. Please consider that node operators are the main investors of the pNetwork and that to change the conditions of the game is never a good way to face your investors. While it’s true that current node operators can than double up their nodes, it’s also true they are going to cover additional costs. I would suggest to launch this vote once TVL is stable over 100M: this is an actual target that state as the network is growing and so makes sense change the terms to ensure the growth of the network. Without a specific target, this proposal looks backed just by personal interest.