3rd Community Call - recap

Recap of the 3rd pNetwork Unchained Community Call

We had another pNetwork Unchained Community Call on June 6th!
If you missed the call or want to revisit the presentation, you can find the pitch deck here.

Here’s a quick recap of what we covered:

White Knight Initiative

One of the main focuses was the White Knight initiative: you can buy $PNT via OTC directly from the pNetwork DAO and become a White Knight! :crossed_swords:
The initiative diversifies the pNetwork DAO treasury, ensures liquidity, can fund pNetwork-related initiatives without market impact, and supports Proofcast’s growth during its initial phase.

Benefits for White Knights:

  • Become a Node Operator: Earn rewards by running pNetwork nodes.
  • Governance Power: Influence the project’s direction through the DAO.
  • Favorable Investment Terms: Purchase PNT at a fixed price without slippage.
  • High Return Potential: Potentially high returns by buying PNT at its lowest.
  • Special Token Allocation: Early supporters of Proofcast have the opportunity for special token allocation if Proofcast launches a new token.

Here an example:

Thomas suggested we should also reach out to potential investors outside our immediate community and channels, which could open new opportunities for us.

If you’re interested in becoming a White Knight, please reach out to me, Matteo, via Telegram: https://t.me/MatteoCarbone

pNetwork v4 Introduction

We also introduced pNetwork v4, a pivotal upgrade that shifts pNetwork from being just a bridge to a modular, pluggable interoperability protocol, acting as a bridge enabler. This upgrade brings enhanced scalability, flexibility, and improved security measures.

Proofcast Presentation

Another highlight was the introduction of Proofcast, our new spinoff project. Proofcast is designed to be the ultimate toolkit for builders who are looking for seamless access to states and events across different blockchains in a verifiable and secure manner.

The Association is working on Proofcast as we believe cross-chain event proof and general proving are the future of blockchain interoperability, and we want to give builders the chance to build both with TEE and ZKP technologies, based on their needs and preferences.

Join Proofcast’s community to stay updated and help us boostrapping the community of builders, developers and curios!

DAO Proposal Discussion

We also discussed djstrakanova’s proposal to add more PNT and EFX tokens to the joint liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. The feedback during the call was positive, and Effect.ai has now opened the proposal for a DAO vote.

Since it’s still live, DAO members can cast their vote here: DAO App

Thank you to everyone who joined the call!
We look forward to seeing you at the next community call.

See you next time!