Temperature check - pNetwork Sustainability Plan

Hey, yeah, the Telegram group is a bit noisy.

For a more focused and interactive discussion, I’d suggest you join the pNetwork Community Association (https://pnetwork-association.org/): we have discussions and online/face-to-face meetings open to all members :eyes:

It’s a place where members can contribute directly; for example, this proposal is the result of reviews and improvements made by several members of the Association.

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@yogalabsintern interesting point of view, thank you! you seem to be very optimistic on the fact that the bull market is coming soon :smiley: Anyway I agree with you and @bertani 's comment, that was something I didn’t take into account. I’m more prone to give my vote to C) now…

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@Carbonaut isn’t there a channel open to everyone? (non-paid)

I might join the association later on, but don’t want to do so right away.

@Carbonaut thank you for the answers.

Thank you! I missed the 3-year limit (or periods). I thought it might take longer, until the 20m target is reached.

I was thinking that a fixed APY might not incentivise holders to stay in the DAO at least the first year (a little nonsense because if they are in the DAO are interested to stay). For first year the real APY after inflation is 7.07% for scenario A and 9.84% for B. Following years are 10,07%, 13,07% for A and 11,07%, 9,74% for B. Introducing a decreasing APY by reducing the % of PNT allocated each year/period to avoid runaways?
Yeah i know that are projections and APY can change. Option C is more complicated to get the real APY.

For me, option A and C are similar because if we define the length of period A as equal to that of C, on paper, are pretty much the same. C is more dynamic, gives more freedom at cost of better management and can be adapted more easily to market changes or other demands.

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Hey everyone!
The proposal is now open for voting! :partying_face:

Go to Snapshot and cast your vote!

Note that you can vote from all the addresses that have:

  • PNT tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.
  • daoPNT tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.
  • YoloParrots (yoloPNT).

Feel free to continue the conversation here :blush:

Hi pNetwork Community,

The voting is officially closed, and the results are clear: Option C - Microinflation on Demand has been the clear favourite!

Next step: in the coming days the pNetwork Community Association will submit this community-backed choice to the pNetwork DAO for the final approval.

Thank you for your active participation and stay tuned for further updates!

Hello everyone!

We are at the final stage of this process! Let’s support the Sustainability Plan one more time!

The DAO proposal has just been opened, go vote! :ballot_box:

:exclamation: Due to its extraordinary importance, this vote includes all PNT token holders, including YoloParrots (yoloPNT) owners!

You can vote from:

Feel free to repost and/or share some positive comments on pNetwork channels:

The vote to approve the pNetwork Sustainability Plan with Microinflation on Demand has successfully passed with an overwhelming 89% approval from over 4.6 million PNT voters.

This gives the tools to pNetwork to continue its v3 development, auditing and other long term growth initiatives :raised_hands:t3:

A big thank you to the entire community for their active participation in this process :parrot: