Community brainstorming and idea generation

Crossposting this from Telegram. Here are initiatives I think could be done to help with getting Liquidity for PNT.

Effect DAO - pNetwork DAO EFX/PNT Collab

Effect DAO will be voting on a proposal that will result in 2 million EFX being allocated for an EFX/PNT pool. The idea is both DAOs provide the tokens, then the respective Foundations work together to stake them in a pool on PancakeSwap. I believe this will require printing ~3-4 million PNT. If this proposal passes, it will be on pNetwork DAO to pass it’s own proposal linking to it and printing the PNT necessary for the initiative.

PNT Farm Rewards for a PNT/USDT pool on PancakeSwap

I’ve put up $15k of LP in a PNT/USDT LP, it would be nice if there were incentives to encourage more participation in this pool. Perhaps ~500,000 PNT over a 3 month period?

Using pNetwork DAO’s Arbitrium

The DAO has 74,900 ARB in it’s treasury. This could be very useful in build up a very strong pool combined with PNT inflation. For example, it can be sold for ~$110,000 and this combined with 4.5 Million PNT could be printed to make a very strong LP pool on any target chain. This can also be split up among multiple chains to encourage arbitrage between the chains pNetwork works on.

Alternatively, it is unclear for now what Binance will do with the PNT tokens that remain after the withdrawal period ends. If Binance wants to sell these PNT to pNetwork, perhaps the ARB can be used to purchase them. It needs to be learned what Binance does with tokens that remain after a withdrawal period ends.

Reaching out to Telos

Telos is the largest customer of pNetwork bridging services. It’s possible the Telos foundation may have grants available for work to do, or otherwise be interested in creating TELOS/PNT pairs across different chains. Contacts for Telos should be hit up to see if any of this is a possibility.