Can PNT be a Game Token?

I think it will be very successful if PNT coin can be used as a game coin in any game like AXS. Just a thought. Thank you for your interest. :pray:

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Hello @Bistro_Bellman - that would technically be possible. How do you think this could benefit pNetwork and its growth?

Certain stages of the game can be opened with pnt and the necessary features in the character can be added with pnt, the hero can be strengthened and for example, a small amount of pnt coins can be given at the end of 10 chapters, such as 10 20 pieces. .I think this PNT coin will be very useful in terms of advertising and awareness.

What game gives you 10-20 Euro’s as reward for completing a chapter? If there is one please let me know because I want to play it :smiley:

This is only a recommendation for the promotion and widespread use of PNT. Please do not take the figures I have given as a serious offer.:pray:

İf you have a better development suggestion for PNT i would love to hear it :pray: